Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New member added!

Everyone, give a big welcome to:

Sea Knitster

And let me know if for some reason your acceptance into the ring is not working right. RingSurf just changed their interface, and accomplishing administrative tasks is more cryptic than it used to be. Just send me an email.


Cross blog post

I hate to be a negative ring momma, but I had to finally crack down and delete some sites out of the ring. This is because for days, weeks or months now, these websites have failed to carry the ring code. If you are interested in rejoining the ring, life is simple:
1. Add the ring code back to your MAIN blog page.
2. Request to be added back into the ring.

Alright, easy then, huh? And if you need help, let me know. The only thing is, I am about 3 weeks from my due date (I am pregnant), so I may not have the speediest response time anymore. Just be patient with me. :)